About Us

We are a European company with a main office based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The Museum of Illusions has been operating for 5 years in Vilnius. Franchise museums welcome visitors in Krakow (Poland), Sofia (Bulgaria), Wroclaw (Poland), while others are being built at this very moment.

Museum of Illusions team

Our main goal is to develop top-rated museums through combining entertainment and education.

Every visitor should feel welcome, spend time learning new things, get involved in experiments of physics and optics, and capture memorable photos to share later with friends and family.

Although the exhibitions are similar, all our museums have a different atmosphere.

Museum of Illusions in Vilnius

Vilnius, Lithuania

Museum in Vilnius is located in historical premises in the very center of Old Town: it has a spirit of mystery, telling the stories of medieval merchants who used to work in that place.

Museum of Illusions in Krakow

Krakow, Poland

The museum in Krakow is in a historic home: the former palace of the Potocky family built in 1836 invites guests to see the illusions through the eyes of the rich Polish szlachta family.

Museum of Illusions in Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria

The Museum of illusions in Sofia is designed in a classic style: columns and big panoramic windows of the reception create the ambiance of a modern and thriving museum. It stands in the most historical part of the city, above the ancient Serdica city, between the National Museum and an archeological museum.

Museum of Illusions in Wroclaw

Wroclaw, Poland

The museum in Wroclaw is located on a historical island in the very center of a former German city; situated between the historical watermill and main cathedral of the city, it features unique panoramic views combined with elements of modern architecture.


Florence, Italy


Rome, Italy

Opening in autumn 2022!

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