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We are a European company based in Vilnius, Lithuania, specializing in establishing museums across Europe. Our primary focus is creating top-rated museums that seamlessly blend entertainment and education.

Tenerife, Spain Venice, Italy Alicante, Spain Rome, Italy Florence, Italy Wroclaw, Poland Sofia, Bulgaria Krakow, Poland Vilnius, Lithuania

Tenerife, Spain

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Coming soon!

Museum of illusions in Santa Cruz de Tenerife opens 15 July 2024

Venice, Italy

Museum of illusions Opening 2024

Opening 2024

Alicante, Spain

Museum of illusions franchise since 2024

Where education meets wonder in a modern museum experience

Located in the heart of the city, our venue is surrounded by the main historical streets and popular attractions. Immerse yourself in a captivating world of illusions, art, and projections as you explore the rich tapestry of our surroundings.

Rome, Italy

Museum of Light since 2023

Where Illusions meet passion for light art

Located in the historical house of Gesu in the heart of Rome, the Museum of Light is a testament to our expertise in illusions and our passion for light. Discover the works of prominent artists in the field of light art, creating an immersive experience in the eternal city.

Florence, Italy

Museum of illusions franchise since 2022

A cinematic blend of modern entertainment and history

Occupying the historical Tornaquinci Palace on one of Florence’s prominent streets, our museum seamlessly combines the spirit of modern entertainment with rich historical elements. Explore a noble building that once served as a cinema, offering a unique intersection of past and present.

Wroclaw, Poland

Museum of illusions franchise since 2021

Panoramic views in a historic island setting

Located on a historical Piasek island in the center of Wroclaw, our museum is surrounded by the charm of a watermill and the main cathedral. Enjoy unique panoramic views while basking in the blend of historical and modern architectural vibes.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Museum of illusions franchise since 2019

Classic elegance in a historical setting

Situated in the most historic part of the city, atop ancient Serdica city, the Museum of Illusions in Sofia boasts classic architecture: columns and panoramic windows create a modern and dynamic atmosphere. Experience the allure of a rapidly developing museum in a rich historical context.

Krakow, Poland

Museum of illusions franchise since 2019

A glimpse into the opulent world of the Potocky family

Occupying a grand palace constructed in 1836, the Krakow Museum provides a unique perspective on illusions through the eyes of the wealthy Polish szlachta family, the Potocki. Step into a bygone era and witness the illusions within the walls of this historic residence.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Museum of illusions since 2016

Uncover the secrets of the historical catacombs

Nestled in the heart of the old town, the Vilnius Museum invites you to explore historical catacombs steeped in mystery. Immerse yourself in the tales of medieval merchants who once inhabited this fascinating space.

To date, we’ve successfully launched seven museums, all of which continue to operate with great success.


We are a distinguished European company headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Since our establishment in 2016, the Museum of Illusions has been captivating audiences in Vilnius, and our franchise museums extend a warm welcome to visitors in Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, with new openings on the horizon in other countries.