Franchise Offer

Use our knowledge and experience for your business!

Long story short, we will help you open one of the best museums in your city. We will bring and install the most popular and impressive exhibits, decide logistics, organize training and education for the team, and bring best-selling souvenirs.

We provide unlimited consultations throughout the entirety of the project: business plans and strategic planning, architectural projects and supervising during renovation, organizing of the recruitment process, branding and marketing plans.

We will provide you with the answers to any questions that arise at any step of the project. The name “Museum of Illusions” represents quality, superb servicing, and never-ending research on illusions, new exhibits, and fresh ideas.

Franchise Step-by-Step

Conference call

Find the premises in your city, discuss online

Short list of premises, our team comes to check them in person

Finalizing of a business plan, preparing funds, creating the new company

Sign rent agreement — sign franchise contract

2 months later — the museum is open and welcomes visitors

Obligations of Both Sides

On the Part of the Franchisee

  1. One-time guarantee payment of 40,000 EUR at the time of signing of the contract.
  2. Monthly payments corresponding to 10% of the value of total ticket sales.

On the part of the Franchisor

  1. To create a detailed plan for the selection of facilities, detailed instructions, measurements, a renovation plan, and lighting installation instructions.
  2. Indefinite lease of 70 exhibits, each of which may be replaced within 2 weeks in case of wear and tear or breakdown (the original 70 exhibits are provided free of charge, any repairs in the event of a breakdown are made at a production cost).
  3. Supply souvenirs, visual merchandising consultations, and the ability to order from various suppliers.
  4. Provide instructions for each exhibit or facilities in English and your local language.
  5. Consult on all aspects of the business plan, including the costs of advertising, development, and payroll budget.
  6. The right to use the trademark «Museum of Illusions» on logo designs, flyers, and business cards, as well as many other templates for printed material and promotional products. Additional preparation of designs, layouts, and templates to suit the franchisee’s individual facilities.
  7. Establish and ensure the maintenance of a website, as well as provision of advertising banners, avatars for social networks, messengers, and other types of online advertising.
  8. Provide a detailed plan for promotional advertising: audience, targeting, advertising campaign settings, and media planning.
  9. Organize the recruiting process and participating in all steps of choosing candidates.
  10. Consultations on staff training and practical training at your location.
  11. Dispatch new exhibits and expansion of existing ones (up to 2 exhibits every 12 months) free of charge.
  12. Send a secret customer to the franchisee’s facilities for the drafting of a report and recommendations for improvement.
  13. Provide additional training for new staff members.
  14. Carry out consultations with the head of the franchise regarding any issues that may arise.

Let's talk about funding

The total cost of the project (the opening of a museum and back-up money) significantly depends on rent deposits and the initial mortgage payment amount for the premises, which varies among different countries.

The exact amount is calculated before the start of the project following a review of all available real estate options.

ROI: estimated at 100% per year or higher.

We are not seeing this through rose-coloured glasses — you truly can get the investments back real quick!

COVID-19 Update

The global pandemic and multiple lockdowns in different countries have significantly affected our business, yet we have adjusted and remained operating. Both due to the financial support from the government, as well as effective rearranging of expenses, we were able to save our employees from losing work and keep the teams in good spirits whilst fulfilling our work obligations.

The situation is less predictable than before and we cannot guarantee 100% yearly ROI, especially if a museum gets closed for a long period of time due to local lockdowns. In that case, adjustments are made and new forms of rent contracts are implemented, same as a new form of employee contracts.

Overall, we consider 2021 a successful year for all our museums and we look forward to opening new ones.

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